2021 Monthly Newsletters


Nursery News

Despite 2021 starting with lockdown number 3, life at Tiny Tots has continued as normal! We are thankful and pleased to report that we have had no COVID cases either with our children or with staff at the nursery. Our stringent cleaning routines remain in place as well as procedures to ensure bubbles are safe. This includes staff socially distancing between bubbles. Thank you to all of our parents and carers for adhering to the 2 meter socially distancing rule at drop off and pick up.



We are pleased to welcome Natalie as a new member of staff in the Dragonfly Room. Natalie is replacing Jessica who left us at the end of 2020. Natalie has extensive experience in working with children. After completing her teaching degree, she taught in both primary and secondary schools before finding her passion in Early Years. Natalie has more recently worked at a nursery in the local area and as a private nanny for two local families.


Chrissie will also be taking on the role of Keyworker in the Dragonfly room. This is a temporary role but will likely be in place until the end of August 2021.


Health Visitors

We have been asked to make all of our parents aware that the Health Visitor team is still operating during the pandemic, including during lockdown. If you have any concerns about your child’s development or health, you are encouraged to contact them. Lots of parents don’t know the name of their allocated Health Visitor, this doesn’t matter. By calling the central number, you will be put in touch with your allocated Health Visitor. To contact the team, call 01872 322779.


Parent Feedback Forms

Thank you to everyone who has completed and returned their parent feedback forms. These are invaluable to our planning for the children whilst they are at nursery. If you still have one floating around at home, please pop it back to us.


Forest School

We will be resting the woodland over February. It has become very muddy and needs some time to dry out. Forest schools activities will continue in the garden.


Despite Chrissie spending more time in the Dragonfly Room, Forest school will continue. The staff have had all of the necessary training from Chrissie to be able to plan and carry out exciting, Forest School based activities. Room leaders will let you know via the facebook age if it is your child’s turn for Forest School but please continue to send waterproofs everyday as they are regularly used in the garden.


Medical Forms

A reminder that our medical form is available in electronic form on our website. Please complete this form, prior to arriving at nursery, each time you would like us to administer medicine. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScV7iFVTGePK_LjLWBIyWe78CWMseuikrhlUiTt9xlYSjCPNQ/viewform

Current Projects

Caterpillar Room

The Caterpillar children are continuing their topic on balls. This has been relaunched this term with a particular focus on the rolling and pushing of balls. The children are enjoying collaborative play through rolling balls to each other as well as looking closely at the variety of movement from different shaped balls.

Since introducing this topic, the staff in the Caterpillar room have noticed real progress in the development of the children’s gross motor skills. In addition to this language such as ‘ball,’ ‘push,’ ‘ready, steady, go’ have become embedded in the children’s vocabulary.



Ladybird Room

The Ladybird children are launching a new topic based around Movement. Over the coming weeks, the children will focus on identifying and naming parts of their body and how they can make it move in different ways. The building of assault courses has been a very popular activity so far. The children are developing skills to help them balance and negotiate on a variety of surfaces.


Dragonfly Room

Through their initial project on Landscapes, this project has been relaunched with a focus on bridges. This project has blossomed from the children’s original discovery of a fallen branch in the woods late last year. The children set to work  to cut up the branch and transport it to the stream where they built a bridge. They continue to learn new skills to add to and improve their structure in the woods. In the nursery and the garden, the children use large loose parts to build bridges, continually thinking critically to overcome problems around strength and balance.

A small group of children who have shown an interest in clay are now exploring this medium further. This week they have enjoyed exploring a large slab of clay with their whole body, including, feet, toes, knees and elbows! This exploration will be built on over the coming weeks. It may be that the children start applying the skills learnt in bridge building to build structures from clay but we will wait and see where the children take us...

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