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Nursery News

  • School Applications The deadline for school application for entry in September 2020 is January 15th. It is very important that this date is not missed. If you have any questions or queries, please come and see us. Follow the link to complete your application

  • Christmas Party This will predominantly be for the Ladybird and Dragonfly children although Caterpillar children are also more than welcome. The parties will be held in individual rooms from 10.00-11.30. The party will include a visit from Father Christmas! Children that do not normally attend on this day are welcome to attend, however, they must be accompanied by an adult. This day is also Christmas Jumper Day, therefore, children can come dressed in their Christmas jumpers (or anything Christmassy and make a donation to the charity.

  • Christmas Lunches Will be on Monday 16th, Wednesday 18th and Friday 20th December. For any children who do not normally have a hot lunch but would like one on one of these days, please let a member of staff know asap. The cost of the lunch will be £2.60

  • Christmas Closing We will be closed for the week beginning 23rd and 30th December. We will reopen on Monday 6th January.

  • Car Park Please could all parents at drop off, park in the parents car park (1st carpark) as staff are finding it difficult to park in the mornings. Many Thanks.

  • Christmas Loose Parts Please help us to collect any sweet wrappers, Christmas bows, tubes from wrapping paper, paper, cracker covers, corks, bells, bubble wrap, spices and dried oranges over the festive period to add to our loose parts.

  • Reggio Emilia Our trip to Italy was truly inspiring! Along with colleagues from over 59 different countries, we were given an insight into the philosophy of the Reggio Emilia education system which is truly unique. The system is embedded in their culture and fully supported by the commitment of the families, wider community, business and Municipality of Reggio Emila. With this in mind, we realised that you could never replicate this system however we were certainly inspired and have so many ideas to bring back to Tiny Tots. In the new year, look out for a display of photos and books in the foyer and the introduction of some exciting new resources that incorporate the use of digital technology, light and the use of clay. This will only be a starting point, with lots of ideas around planning, observing and documenting children’s learning still to come. 


Caterpillar Room

  • Focus Story - The Caterpillar children have thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ over the past couple of months. We have taken the story out into the garden as well as setting up provocations to extend it inside. Over the next few months, we will be looking at the book ‘We’re going on an Elf hunt’.  

  • Song and Sign - During December we will be learning the ‘Jack Frost Nose’ song. Our sign will be, ‘Friend’. Please help yourself to a copy of each from the pockets outside of the room. Wow Moments will also be available for parents to access within the pockets. We always appreciate parents filling these in for their learning journeys.

  • Forest School - Throughout December, we will continue to have Chrissie with us on a Thursday. We are spreading our time between our garden and the big garden on these days. The children have been great at braving the rain and colder weather. Although now it is December, the temperature will be dropping further so if all parents with children in on a Thursday could please ensure they have plenty of layers within their bags and spare changes of clothes. Hats and scarves are especially important! We also ask if parents could please try to pack some wellies for their children as not all of our spare ones fit, thank you.


Ladybird Room

  • Forest School - Throughout December our day will be a Tuesday. Please remember to dress warmly and bring a woolly hat, scarf and gloves. Over the next few weeks, we will be having some fires, using the fire pit in the garden. The children will be recapping on fire safety to start with, then using the fire to cook with.  

  • Please remember to bring in spare clothes, including socks. The children are making the most of all the puddles and going through changes of clothes. 

  • One of our dominant schemas over the last month has continued to be ‘Enclosing.’ The children have loved exploring really big boxes and hiding themselves inside. They have also enjoyed enclosing themselves in sleeping bags. These have been very popular with the children and we will continue to have them out over the next month. If you have any large boxes at home that you no longer need please bring them in for us to use. Thanks. 

  • We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas over the next month. Everyone will have the opportunity to create some festive craft to take home. This will be led by the children, letting them use their imagination. 


Dragonfly Room

  • Thank you to all of the parents and carers that have shared your baby photos. It has been very enjoyable for all of the children to see themselves and each other as babies. 

  • Focus Story - Over the next few weeks we will be reading the story, ‘The Jolly Postman.’ This has stemmed from the children's interests in writing and posting. 

  • Forest School - Our forest school day will remain on a Friday throughout December. We will continue to follow the children's interest in leaf art. This is linked to the story, ‘Leaf Man.’ 

  • Weather - Now that Winter is now upon us PLEASE can you provide your child with a wooly hat to keep in nursery. The woods are very cold this time of year and it is important that all children are layered accordingly. If your child does not attend on a woodland day please still bring in a wooly hat for when we continue our forest school activities in the garden. 

  • Spare Clothes  - All children must have a complete change of clothes including socks! 


Forest Schools

As everyone has already mentioned above, for all of our Forest school days and outdoor time, please please can everyone remember to bring in spare sets of clothes and a wooly hat to keep in nursery. 

  • The Ladybird’s Forest school day will continue to be on a Tuesday and our focus for the next few weeks is going to be all about fire safety and we will be cooking lots of winter goodies on the campfire. For this we will be using the firepit in the garden area, but will also go to the woods if the children would like to.  

  • The Caterpillars Forest school day will continue on a Thursday and from now until we break up for Christmas we will be focusing on the book ‘We’re going on an Elf Hunt’, which will continue nicely on from the book ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’. We are  also going to start exploring the big garden, to give the children an opportunity to climb the big hill, have a go at climbing on the beams and large loose parts, and generally having a good explore.  

  • The Dragonfly’s Forest school day will continue on a Friday and we are going to keep exploring with our collection of leaves to make different types of patterns, pictures and leaf art. We are using them to look at different colours, to sort and to explore numbers through using the leaves. To tie in with this we will be reading and looking through our book Leaf Man for more inspiration!  

Once again if you have any questions regarding Forest school please come and ask, thanks Chrissie. 


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