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Nursery News

Coronavirus Update: Thank you to everyone that has been using the hand sanitiser in the foyer. This is for use by parents and carers. Staff will be washing children’s hands each morning when the children enter their room.


We continue to monitor the situation with regards to Coronavirus. We are regularly updated by Public Health England who update their advice daily. We ask that you please inform us of any risk of exposure you or your children may have, including travel to or from affected areas. The most up to date advice can be found here.


Holiday Club

We are now taking bookings for our Easter Holiday Club. A time table of activities will be released shortly. To book a place, please follow the link https://www.tinytotsltd.com/holiday-club-reservation-form


Booking Holiday

Are you planning on taking a holiday during April? Please remember to complete a Holiday Form asap. We have an obligation to monitor all absences, therefore, please complete a holiday form regardless of whether you are entitled to holiday entitlement or not. https://www.tinytotsltd.com/copy-of-reservation-form-3


Don’t forget our upcoming charity events:


  • Charlie Bear £1 a Square - NOW - Venue: Tiny Tot’s hallway Only a few squares left!

  • Tiny Tots Coffee Morning & Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday 21st March 10am to 1pm

  • Easter Bingo & Raffle - Friday 3rd April 7pm - Venue: Eagle House

  • Tiny Tots Children’s Sponsored Bike Ride - Week beginning 11th May all week

  • Samba Band Experience - 21st May 7pm to 9pm - Venue: Launceston College

  • Family Fitness - Date TBC - Venue: TBC


Please support us to raise money for CHSW on the lead up to our Ride for Precious Lives, either by attending and promoting an event or donating a RAFFLE PRIZE.


Caterpillar Room

  • Makaton - We’ll be focusing on the sign for ‘wash hands’. This will further support the children in getting used to our washing hands routine before and after meal-times and other intervals during the day. Our song of the month is, ‘Miss Polly Had a Dolly’.

  • Outside Area - We regularly use our patio area as an extension to our room. We are lucky that it stays dry even in wet weather. This allows the children to freely explore without the need for full waterproofs. Bearing this in mind, can all parents please ensure there are plenty of full sets of spare clothes in the children’s bags. Warmer jumpers to put on for outside play are also a must. Spare vests are essential in order to protect the children from being too exposed. Thank you.

  • Sensory Play - The Caterpillars are really enjoying sensory play at the minute. They’ve enjoyed the opportunity to explore clay, water and different materials such as corrugated cardboard, tin foil and bubble wrap. Throughout these activities, we are able to observe new schemas that the children are developing which helps us to set the room up in new ways. Please feel free to share any new interests your children have whilst outside of nursery, this is valuable to us!


Ladybird Room

  • Our signs for this month will be, ‘milk’ and ‘water.’ This will be a big focus during meal-time when the children choose between milk or water. Our focus song will be, ‘ Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the Moon.’ Please find copies of the signs in the plastic wallets outside the room.

  • Forest school - We will continue to use different tools, talking about how to use them safely as we go along.

  • Emma, Danielle and Louise all thoroughly enjoyed their course on, “In the Moment Planning.” At our most recent staff meeting, we had the opportunity to feedback to the rest of the staff. We discussed the ‘Leuven scales of involvement and wellbeing’ and reflected on our own practice, asking questions such as; What times of the day are the children continually engaged? What times are they less engaged? What can we change in our practice to increase the levels of engagement?

  • We also looked at our interaction and questioning with the children. Are we stepping in at the right time to challenge and extend knowledge or are the children fully involved and we don't need to interrupt their play? Are the questions we are asking of the children relevant and meaningful? The results of our discussions will positively impact the routines and activities we offer throughout the day.


Dragonfly Room

  • Sustainability Project - Worms The children have all shown a big interest in worms! We have been investigating where worms can be found and experimenting with different ways to encourage the worms up from the earth! This has led to us collecting the worms and keeping them in our wormery. The children have the responsibility of caring for the worms and learning how the worms recycle waste materials. We have used magnifying glasses to look at the worms at a closer level as well as a microscope that allowed us to identify the parts of the worms’ body. Please capture any photos or language of your child enjoying worms at home. Photos can be sent to jennabranchtinytots@gmail.com if photos cannot be printed.

  • Story - Continuing with the children’s enthusiasm with the wormery, we will be focusing on the story, ‘Yucky Worms.’

  • Makaton - ‘help’ ‘water’ ‘milk’

  • Forest School - The current interest in worms will be continued throughout our woodland sessions. The children have requested that we cook on the fire as well. Hopefully, weather depending, we will be able to achieve this.

  • Spare Clothes - Thank you to all of the parents and carers that provide a change of clothes. A complete change of spare clothes is vital for your child as we play outside everyday as well as enjoying messy play activities.


Forest Schools

Unfortunately, Chrissie has had an accident and broken her arm. She will be away from the nursery for the next 4 weeks. Forest School will carry on as normal throughout the nursery. We wish Chrissie and speedy recovery.

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